Why I Started This

Growing up in a relatively conservative family in a small rural town in Pennsylvania, it’s safe to say I wasn’t really exposed to much of the outside world. For me, my multiculturalism was enough “difference” in my life. Life in the small town was pretty much all about doing things and behaving in a very particular way that was more than often perceived as “the right way.” God help you if you were to dare venture outside of that scope and question anything.

Being the son of an American father and Filipino mother wasn’t the easiest given the demographics of my hometown. It seemed as if no matter what I did or how I behaved, there would always be that little piece of me that will constantly remind me that I am different. It was quite the task in self-discovery when I began learning more about my mother’s background and the peculiarities of her culture. Not to discredit my father’s background, but my mother’s Filipino background always intrigued me as more of what my community defined as non-status-quo than anything else. This was my ticket to finding myself.

Over 30 years later, here I am nearing the end of my online college program about to finally obtain my degree in Computer Science while working for a small tech company doing miscellaneous Admin and QA work. Not that this isn’t a great place and a stable job that allows me to live my simple yet content life with my boyfriend here in California. I just felt like there was a story buried deep down that needed to be expressed. Something that I can’t express by performing quality assurance for software developers or answering tech support tickets. This is a story that I can only share with others through my experiences traveling and learning about the world.

This is why I am here. This is why I’ve decided to start this blog. Even if this doesn’t grow into some sort of internet sensation, at least I will have had the opportunity to help at least one lost soul find his or herself whether I’ll know about it or not.

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